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On the Road to Ever On
Originally posted by unclehugo_edgar at Preorder by April 30th if you want a signed copy
The upcoming Liaden novel, Ghost Ship by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. There will not be an in-store autographing; the books are being shipped to us pre-signed. Preorders must be place through our website. More info at:

The upcoming Freehold novel, Rogue by Michael Z. Williamson. There will not be an in-store autographing; the books are being shipped to us pre-signed. Preorders must be place through our website. More into at:

I ordered mine!

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Three weeks into the diet, and I've lost six pounds. Since my goal was two pounds a week, I'm happy. A bit amazed (after all, plans never work out exactly), but happy.

I did modify the diet a bit. Instead of just guestimating 1200 calories a day, I checked the maintenance calorie level for my target weight of 125 lbs. Turned out the same site had weekly plans for fat loss and extreme fat loss. I choose the fat loss one, as I tend to find any kind of extreme diet is its own worst enemy. This diet cycles calories each day, instead of having the same calorie allowance each day. Only one day is really low, and Saturday is awesomely splurgable <G>.  Here's where I found the info:

There've been days I've busted the diet, too, but usually not by more than one or two hundred calories. That includes the big anniversary dinner at Carrabba's, where I finished a meal of spaghetti w/marinara sauce by scarfing down half a serving of tiramisu (whole serving: 1440 calories, 68 grams fat <!>).

More good news: I have so much more energy than before. I'm doing a lot of gardening now...before, I just couldn't be bothered beyond mowing the lawn when it got too scraggly. 

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First day of new diet. Only two restrictions: 1200 calories and 30 grams of fat. I suggest everyone stand back and speak quietly.

On the other hand, I've almost made it through the first day and I'm only a little bit hungry. And it feels good to be eating much more healthy (healthily?) that I have been.

What finally got me off my backside and serious about this? The dress I fell in love with to wear to my niece's wedding was only available a size too small. So I have a month to lose one size.  If only it were still as easy to lose 15 pounds as when I was younger...

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Cool experiment going on this weekend. Yesterday my order of 25 turkey feathers arrived. Right now three are soaking in water, and three are cooling off after being tempered in hot sand. Tonight and tomorrow night, I will be attempting to cut quill pens from them. And write.

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Better try them out with washable ink...I'd hate to splatter my Eternal Brown all over and have to live with it...eternally <G>.
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Walked through Best Buy on my way to work at the mall and saw the new blu-ray release of 'The Lord of the Rings' movie trilogy. Grabbed one and bought it then and there. Extremely happy!

...until I got home and read the back. Theatrical releases? THEATRICAL RELEASES???????  I've been watching the extended editions for years. Watching the theatrical release would be like reading an abridged book. Not doing it.

Took the set back to Best Buy the next day. Thank heavens I read the package before opening the plastic wrap, so there was no problem. Now to wait the year or so before they finally put out the REAL movie.

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When I got my new Sony Reader up and running six weeks ago, one of the first things I did was go to Google Books and download about a hundred free out-of-copyright books Read more...Collapse ) 

I like the feeling that I'm giving back to the place that saved me from the pain of trying to read Google Books.

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At our store, you can still special-order a book into the store to be paid for when you pick it up. Here's a bit hint if you'd like to get your book quickly: Read more...Collapse ) And the cycle will begin again...

Not that this ever REALLY happens.

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Management by abuse from above continues at the bookstore, with some amazing examples of clueless vitriol coming down from corporate.

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Just don't send me a package of Milk Bones. That *would* be a slap in the face.

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It used to be when someone walked into the bookstore and said, "Can you help me find a book?" I would say, "Sure! Do you know a title? Author? No? But it's blue and was published last week? No problem, let's search the computer and see what we can come up with..."

But after corporate decided to take up Management by Abuse, and after a huge number of nasty emails, I believe my new response would be more honest if I replied, "Technically, my job is to sell you one of these two featured books which I carry around with me at all times. But hey, I'm open to going beyond my job description. Do you know a title? Author?..."

I'm more than a little frustrated, since one of the featured books is severely overpriced, and the other is written so awkwardly that just about every bookseller in the store has read a couple of pages and then exclaimed in horror, "I'm supposed to recommend THAT?" I only made it to the top paragraph on page two before an egregious technical writing error caused me to throw it against a wall. Don't publishers have editors any more?

The upshot is, I have decided not to read the featured books anymore, so I can recommend them without lying. "No, I haven't read it, but those who have (i.e., the book buyer on drugs or who must be getting publisher kickbacks or some other incentive) LOVED it."


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In my alternate work identity as an always courteous, invariably helpful, usually knowledgable, sometimes misguided, but only occasionally ticked off bookseller, I have started a Live Journal blog called Theodosia Antwerp, Bookseller. If you're interested, it would be great if you'd check it out under LJ username theo_antwerp.

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